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Hello and wellcome!!
I am actor of an original genre Vladimir Vashchenko.
I offer you interesting, not ordinary juggler act in which complex juggler
tricks are executed on an act with not less entertainment acrobatic,
and origenal the image of the artist and incendiary music will not leave indifferent
even the most exacting spectator.
I hope to you it will be pleasant.

Wellcome !
My independent career began in 2002,
when under the auspices of the National Ukrainian Circus
I worked in the arena as an acrobatic juggler.
Later, with success, I toured with the Nikylin Moscow Circus
and the Russian State Circus Company
where I performed as a comedian-acrobat.
After that, I was invited to work on the ship MSC for a year.
Following this contract, I signed another to work with the company
each lasting six months, throughout Norway, where, while working as an acrobatic-juggler,
I also performed as a character in one of shows. I am always open for new,
creative suggestions. With Regards, Vladimir V . Vashchenko